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Do you want to install attractive doors at your home, business workplace or your office? Or is your door / garage damaged and you want to get it repaired? In either case, you are in the right place. We can get you covered and install or repair all kinds of doors you want!

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Contact us today to get your commercial aluminum glass door repaired at very affordable price according to your budget.

Best Door Repair Service in Vancouver

Doors are the attraction to a place since the door is the first thing that comes in sight which entering the place. This is why we all need to make sure that our doors are extremely attractive and well maintained. 

Best Door Repair Service in Vancouver

If you want to get a new door installed at any place of your home, business workplace or your office, we can do that for you. At-Door Spot, we can repair the old and damaged one for you as well. Besides all that, we can get all the door accessories installed and repaired. Accessories include door handles, locks, door holders and door closers. We can provide you with the best services at a highly affordable price.

Our company is licensed and insured. This makes our services very safe to avail as well. Our company, Door Spot has been licensed because of our quality service providing ability that is possible because of our highly trained and experienced professional team.


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At the door spot, we have a wide range of services we offer. Installing all kinds of doors, and their accessories along with the repair of the doors with accessories, all services are available and extremely easy to avail.


Why Us?

Our services have a few specialties that make us the best and most easy to approach us and avail of our services. Some of our prominent features are:

Extremely Cooperative Team

Our very friendly and extremely cooperatives team members ensure that you are very comfortable while ordering your services. They will cooperate with you to every extent in case you having any complaints.

Extremely Cooperative Team
Door and Frame Repairs Vancouver

Efficient Working

We make sure that our door repair services are provided to you on time and are of high-quality. Our team will make sure that you are satisfied with our door services. Delivering work late or of low quality is not our way of working.

Customer Oriented door Services

Our door repair services are customer-oriented. This means that our first priority is the satisfaction of our customers. Whatever they demand is an order to us and we make sure that the ordered services are delivered in time.

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Ethan Barso

Very professional, nice and fast service, highly recommend to everyone

Alex Ford

Thank you! You did a great job, very good prices, very pleasant service! Highly recommend

William Bell

Excellent service, very good pricing. Very clean!  Highly recommend to everyone

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