Sliding Door Repair

Does the sliding door in your patio need repair? Does it not slide smoothly? Maybe you need sliding door rollers repair service? Are you tired of getting it fixed again and again? We have a solution for this, let us repair the patio sliding door for you

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Sliding Door Repair Vancouver

Are you tired of getting your patio glass sliding door repaired again and again? It gets damaged yet again. This is because you might have not chosen the best door repair service. We are here to help you in this regard. Our service is the best when it comes to the services of doors.

At-Door Spot, we will properly identify the problem in your patio sliding glass door. And we will repair the damage and make sure the problem will never rise again. 

Why us?

Our door company, the Door Spot provides the best services related to doors and frames. Including installation of door and its accessories such as door closer installation, frame repair, patio sliding door rollers repair and repairing damaged related to doors. Here is why you need to choose our services over others. 


Expert door repair Team

Our extremely expert and qualified team is able to pinpoint the problems that cause the damage to the patio sliding door. And that is how we provide permanent solutions to problems like these. One can either temporarily fix it without taking care of the problem or one can properly identify and fix the problem. Our team is highly experienced and trained to fix such problems.

Door repair services in Budget

The services we provide are affordable. The cost of repairing is justifiable. The services we provide are reasonably priced as compared to the quality services we provide. we ensure that the maximum value of your payment will be given to you.

Customer Oriented Services

As mentioned, we believe that our customers are our boss. This makes them in charge, whatever they order, we will ensure that they get it in the best way possible. Our goal is to please the customers by our services and repairing all the damaged doors and its accessories, let it be patio sliding door repair, commercial door repair, or door closer repair and holders. Your demand is our order. We will deliver it to you in the best way possible and in a very short amount of time.

Fast door repair Services

The services we provide are very quick. We will get to the repair of your patio sliding door as soon as you order our services. We offer 24/7 emergency door repair service vancouver. The order they give should be completed as soon as possible. Delaying is not an option in our services.


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Contact us today to get your Sliding door repaired at very affordable price according to your budget.



Ethan Barso

Very professional, nice and fast service, highly recommend to everyone


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Thank you! You did a great job, very good prices, very pleasant service! Highly recommend


William Bell

Excellent service, very good pricing. Very clean!  Highly recommend to everyone