Gate Broken? Don’t Despair, there’s Gate Repair!

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Whether it is your place of residence or business, you rely on your sliding or automatic gate to protect your property. This is why it can be quite anxiety-inducing if your gate is broken. If it is your place of business, then your broken gate can be a risk for a loss of merchandise and income; if it is your home, then your valuables are vulnerable, but so are your loved ones. This is why gate repair is so important.

When do I Need Gate Repair?

Most people don’t think about gate repair until the gate is rendered unusable. However, there are signs that a gate needs to be repaired before it is completely broken. Catching it early can prevent the need for more extensive repairs or even replacement.

Signs to Look for Include:

  • Visible damage
  • Manual sliding gates sticking or jamming while moving into position
  • Unresponsive switch for automatic gates
  • Difficulty engaging locking mechanisms 
  • Strange noises when while in motion
  • Misalignment with the gate’s other door or with the track
  • Worn hinges leading to a visible “sagging” of the gate
  • Unresponsive sensors in automatic gates

If these signs are present, it may be that you need gate repair sooner rather than later.

What Causes Gates to Break or Fall into Disrepair?

A question commonly asked when in gate repair is how they come to need it in the first place. There are a number of different factors that break down gates over time, including general wear and tear over the years. 

Of course, more dramatic things can happen, such as natural disasters that can mess with a gate’s internal functions. Usually, these will result in replacements, but depending on the extent of the damage can simply be repaired.

Typical Causes for Gate Malfunction Include:

For Automatic Gates:

  • Damaged chain
  • Extreme temperatures fry the battery
  • Circuit board or power supply becomes damaged

For Non-Automatic Gates (Sliding, Roll-Up, and Swing)

  • A broken or damaged lock
  • Jammed or split track
  • Broken or unaligned panels

Situations that Call for Gate Service

There are several situations that call for gate services, including:

  • Attempted Break-ins
  • Noticeable damage
  • Visibly disturbed gate after violent weather

More than Gate Repair

Gate technicians are qualified experts that can weld, align, replace the glass and work with electrical components to gates. This makes them not only great at gate repair, but also they can repair other things that many don’t see as gates.

Gate services also include garage door and fence restoration. Most gate repair places work in a residential and commercial capacity allowing you to protect what matters most.

Choose Us for your Gate 

The gate protects your valuables and even your loved ones from the outside world. You don’t want to wait until your gate is beyond repair. Take the worry and frustration out with qualified gate technicians that know exactly what they are doing.

Whether it’s a storefront, a garden, or your home, trust our trained professionals with all your gate needs. 

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