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Door Repair

Doorspot offers door repair services in the Richmond area. We offer a large variety of services in door repair, installation, and garage door areas of services. Door repair can take many forms and shapes, in fact as many as doors do.

Commercial Door Repair

Commercial doors are often overlooked in their importance, which tends to make the be overlooked in terms of upkeep as well. They are built to be much tougher than your average door, that’s true, but over years of exposure to the elements and the occasional worker or driver reversing into them they can show signs of age and the neglect can accumulate.

So what does commercial door repair consist of and who needs commercial door repair services?  In most cases, we’re talking about a door repair service aimed at large oversized doors. Be it large garage doors or warehouse doors.

How to know if a commercial door needs repairs?

  • Your door makes noise, squeaks, or makes other loud noises
  • The door will not open or shut all the way
  • The door is slow, sluggish, and doesn’t respond to the controls
  • Dent or cracks

Commercial door repair is a venture not to be taken lightly and should be handled by professionals only as handling the complicated mechanisms involved can lead to injuries. If in doubt let us at Doorspot know and we will handle it from there.

Steel And Metal Door Repair

When it comes to steel and metal door repair, our team has the expertise required to get the job done. Buy how would you know if your steel door can be repaired?

With some steel and metal doors, the damage might be too great to repair, and you might end up having to cough up the dollars for a new one, however, if your issue is among the following, it can most likely be saved and repaired:

Holes in a steel or metal door -A lot of doors, in an industrial environment especially, will show some hole damage.  The best thing about steel doors is that like any other product made of large sheets of steel, holes can be patched. Our technicians at Doorspot are expert welders and make quick work of patching holes in steel doors. The incredible thing is the door will look as if no damage has ever occurred.

Dents on a steel or metal door- Steel and metal doors are common in working environments, so it’s only natural for a door to accumulate its share of bumps and dents from the workers dragging heavy and bulky items around and bumping into them in the process. However, do not fret as dents are one of the easier issues to handle when it comes to steel and metal door repairs in Vancouver, all they need is some TLC. Most dents can be taken care of, and the repairs will go unnoticed, all that is needed is some Bondo, sanding, and a fresh coat of paint and the door is back to looking brand new. 

Hinge damage on a steel or metal door -Hinge problems are quite common in steel doors. They occur due to staff propping doors open, placing stress on the hinge. You’ll notice the door sags, does not fit properly in the frame, opens with difficulty and choppiness, or makes noises in the process of opening and closing. Fixing a hinge issue is a breeze for an experienced tech. Hinge replacement is quick and relatively inexpensive and is done on the spot in most cases. The usual process is to remove the door and remove the hinges from either the door frame or door, in some cases both. The next step would be welding a new set of hinges and refinishing the work to make it look as if no damage had occurred at all.

If all else fails, and repairs are not viable, we offer a service of door and frame installation and will install a new door in place of the problem door.

What about Garage Door Repair?

While every door is different, you’ll find that the same plagues will affect almost every door. Let’s go through the most common ones:

  • Garage door opener issues – let’s start with the one that doesn’t have much to do with the door itself. You might be facing a faulty opener. Could be the remote that needs fixing, the transmitter as well. You’ll this might be an issue if your door doesn’t open at all.
  • Worn bearings- loud popping and/or squeaking is how you’ll know you’re in need of this type of garage door repair This means that either some wear and tear has occurred, or lubrication is needed.
  • Worn, broken, or old springs – Garage doors operate on springs. In this case, we’re talking about torsion springs. If this is your issue, the door simply won’t, however, you’ll be able to diagnose this issue quite easily, as you will either hear a loud crack, or you’ll be able to see the spring hanging. Springs vary in quality and lifespan and are extremely dangerous to handle, this is a garage door repair Richmond task that should be handled by a pro.

Door balance – Door balance is another issue you might be facing, this might be an issue with the tracks, the spring, or even the opener. You’ll know you’re looking at this common malfunction if the door will simply not close all the way.

sliding door Repair?

let’s talk about sliding door repair. Sliding doors are now quite common. Pretty much everyone house in the suburbs with a nice backyard has one nowadays, so knowing how to diagnose issues and their solution is pretty useful. These are the most common issues you’ll come across when dealing with sliding door repair Anmore area:

Problem roller or problem wheels-Like with any mechanism, rollers can become an issue. If your sliding door gets stuck and you experience a lack of smooth opening function, it probably means you have an issue with the rollers. This could mean debris, dust, or even rust getting in the way of the rollers, or they could be just completely worn out, either way, a good clean is in order. On the other hand, you might also be facing a wheel problem, you’ll know that’s the case if the rollers jump out. Lubrication or replacement might be needed to help the door work again like it used to.

Track issues- Is your door jumping out of its track? Chances are you are facing a track issue. Tracks get bent and worn over time, preventing the door from functioning as should. Tracks might get bent inward or outward, and tapping them out is the necessary sliding door repair work.

Door Break-in Repair

Unfortunately, these things happen, and there are horrible people that will break into your home with the intention to take your hard-earned possessions. With most break-ins, the burglars will go through a door and cause damage to it in the process. A few things you might want to think about when dealing with the damage to your door.  What is the extent of the damage? Is the door completely busted off its hinge, is there hinge damage? Is there frame damage? Lock mechanism damage?

These questions are important as you can draw conclusions as to what needs replacement and what can be fixed. The point of failure in a door when it comes to door break-in repair is what should be addressed, beyond just the repair part. The door might need replacing to one that is more secure, the lock mechanism might be the likely point of failure, the frame, etc. So door break-in repair is about more than just the repair it’s about assessing if the door itself is doing a good job protecting you, your loved ones, and your hard-earned possessions.

How about Emergency Door Repair?

So, how do you know your issue is an emergency and requires immediate professional help? Doors protect you and your loved ones, so knowing when an issue is critical is important, you don’t want to be left at the mercy of a broken or damaged door.

Is the door weak? Does it seem like one good push will do it? This is one of the tell-tale signs, you need emergency door repair. Leaving a weak door in its place is unwise, as weak doors grow even weaker over time when left unaddressed. You don’t want to end up coming home and seeing it completely ajar with who knows how much damage, loss, or danger awaits you inside.

Is the lock broken? You don’t want to wait and find out if anyone notices, a broken lock warrants immediate replacement and is the best candidate for an emergency door repair service in Aldergrove. The last thing you want to do is test your luck, so get fixing ASAP.


Damaged door or pane? Is there structural damage to the door itself? Is a windowpane cracked, broken, or missing? Leaving any gap for a burglar is unwise, not even for one night, any damage that can lead to someone picking the door out as weak from a distance invites unwanted attention and might get you in trouble, this is the kind of situation that most definitely requires emergency door repair so don’t hesitate and contact a professional at Doorspot.

Door and frame installation Repair?

So, let’s talk about Door and frame installation.

What is that all about and what to expect? You’re building your dream home, remodeling or just plain decided you want new doors. What’s the process? Door and frame installation starts with a decision: Do you want a pre-hung door, or a simple door (a slab door)?

To make matters simple and easy to understand, a pre-hung door is one that comes with the frame and is already hung on it. It can already open and close and all that needs to be done, is install the whole door and a door handle, and a lock. A slab, on the other hand, is just the door itself, with no hardware, and no frame or hinge. A pre-hung door involves less work to install, but they cost more. A slab door is much cheaper, so if you have the necessary hardware, and prefer to keep your frame and maybe save some money you can definitely go for a slab door, however, slab doors are more difficult to install and much more time-consuming.

Another consideration you need to keep in mind is, that the floor might need leveling, especially when we’re talking about replacement, as a bad door might damage the flooring around it and make it uneven. Keep in mind unless the door is not installed completely plumb, and level and correct gaps aren’t left in place for the wood to expand and contract through time, you WILL experience issues over time, as every error even an eighth of an inch will magnify over time. This is why we recommend contacting the pros at Doorspot for your door and frame installation needs.

Door Closer Installation and Repair

Door closers are a vital bit of equipment for any business, but unfortunately, they don’t get as much attention as locks do. Door closers are vital because they can stop fires from spreading and save lives. They can also save you some money on cooling and heating expenses, let’s not forget that. Another benefit to door closer installation is the added security, of knowing that when you leave your door open it will shut of its own accord or have the comfort of not fussing with the door while your hands are full or otherwise occupied.

What a lot of business owners don’t know or don’t put enough emphasis on, is that door closers need some regular maintenance to ensure their longevity and sound function.

So, who should consider door closer installation, and why?

  • Business- Having employees, you as business owners know that they can get forget full, so having a door closer for both fire hazard purposes and to keep the bills for the AC down.
  • Apartment buildings- Having a door closer can ensure that even if one of the residents left the door ajar after them, it will close of its own accord and no unwanted guests of the burglar variety, or even animals for that matter.
  • Homes within the vicinity of busy roads- Knowing your young ones or pets will not slip through an open door and run out into the open busy road can provide some comfort to your daily routine. Hands full of groceries? The door closer has you covered.

How to know if you’re in need of door closer repair?

Well, other than the obvious completely broken closer, another common fault you can come across is a closer that over time has started to slam the door. Now, whenever this happens, we risk injury and damage to the door, so that’s a clear sign you’re in need of a door closer repair.

Automatic door repair and installation

Now, this is an area that is quite simply, a pro-only realm, both in terms of repair and in terms of installation.  Automatic doors make life easier, especially when we’re talking about high traffic of people. Big businesses, government buildings. Since the era of covid, automatic doors helped safeguard from the spread of the virus, allowing people contactless entry to buildings. Automatic doors are also a great fire safety and security measure.

And repairs? Let’s go over some signs that you might be needing automatic door repair. The first one is probably the most obvious:

Noise- While this may not necessarily be a sign your door is about to fail, it does mean maintenance is required. Plus a noisy door is not a very good first impression for your business.

Slow opening or closing- This too means something is not 100% right with your door. Other than the obvious issue this creates, that is people waiting for the door, this could mean issues with the mechanism or the sensors and needs professional inspection.

Movement issues, stuttering, rattling, and creaky movements- While it’s ok to expect the occasional inaccurate movement from a door if the issue is persistent or the vibration is strong, it certainly means an inspection is due. Better get the door checked than risk breaking the glass.

access control systems

and last but not least, let’s talk access control systems.

Access control systems are simply essential for any business looking to protect its information, intellectual property, trade goods, and most importantly your employees. Nowadays they’ve become the gold standard in terms of security measures. Access control systems are quite a complex issue to sum up, but we’re going to go over the basics.

What are Access control systems?

There are two types of Access control systems, The first, which is the relevant one for us, is the physical Access control system. Physical Access control systems prevent people from accessing rooms, buildings, and complexes without proper authorization.

The second type of Access control systems is logical Access control, which limits access to network locations, computers, and hard drives.

Access control systems rely on identification cards reader, biometric scanners (fingerprint of retinal), or unique access code panels through the facility or entry points and track employee movement through a facility.

 How would you know you’re in need of an access control system in your business?

  • You have physical goods that are of high value and easily stolen.
  • Your business has areas that can be hazardous for non-employees, and you’d like to prevent the clients or the occasional walk-in from wandering into for their own safety.
  • Your business handles hazardous materials.
  • You have valuable intellectual property on site.
  • You’d like to restrict employee movement into sensitive areas.

If you are seeing one of the above as relevant for your business, an Access control system is probably a great choice, contact us at Doorspot and we will help find and install the best Access control system for your business.

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